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  • The World Bank Group Country Partnership Framework (CPF) for Haiti was discussed by the Board of Directors in September 2015 and updated in 2018 through the Performance and Learning Review. It is designed to support the country’s efforts to provide economic opportunities for all its people and to combat poverty.

    Remaining within the broad parameters of the Haiti CPF, the WBG program was adjusted in 2020 to support the Government of Haiti’s response to COVID-19 crises. These adjustments align with the four pillars of the WBG COVID-19 Crisis Response Approach Paper “Saving Lives, Scaling-up Impact and Getting Back on Track,” which include: 1) saving lives; 2) protecting poor and vulnerable people; 3) ensuring sustainable business growth and job creation; and 4) strengthening policies, institutions, and investments for rebuilding better.

    Since April 2020, the Bank has approved several operations and restructured ongoing projects to support the health sector response to save lives, financed social protection measures and cash transfers to protect the poor and vulnerable, as well as initiatives to support food security and livelihoods. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) also provided emergency support to the private sector, for example in…

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